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Providing Sound Counsel Throughout Your Merger Or Acquisition

While the benefits of finalizing a merger or acquisition are numerous, so are the risks. Sound legal advice can help you determine whether this type of transaction will allow you to achieve your objectives or open your business up to liabilities.

Since our firm’s founding, our attorneys at Kirkpatrick & Sabarsky LLP have assisted multiple clients with both buy-side and sell-side M&A transactions. These actions represented more than $50 million of cumulative transaction value, with our attorneys closing transactions in less than 90 days after being retained. These successful outcomes prove that we have the insight required to protect your interests and streamline this complex process.

Leveraging Our Experience To Facilitate Your Transaction

Our attorneys draw on their vast financial, legal and business backgrounds to guide our clients through all stages of mergers and acquisitions. As business owners themselves, attorneys Sabarsky and Kirkpatrick are acutely aware of the legal and financial concerns business owners face when attempting to improve their entity’s market position.

In addition, Martin Sabarsky holds both a Juris Doctor from HLS and MBA from UCSD and has served in leadership positions at private and public companies. He has an intimate understanding of the issues that owners must keep in mind before moving forward with an acquisition, a merger, the sale of assets or businesses, or a division of a business.

We use this experience to provide sound counsel and strategic representation in matters that include:

  • Advising on tender offers
  • Drafting letters of intent
  • Undertaking due diligence
  • Ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations
  • Negotiating fair terms
  • Reviewing and revising contracts, valuations and other documents
  • Closing the transaction and announcing the agreement when necessary

We are qualified to pursue your goal whether your entity is publicly traded or privately held. Our satisfied clients recommend our services to others because they appreciate our pragmatic and insightful approach. Our Encinitas firm has represented small and medium-sized businesses located in California and throughout North America.

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