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Establishing A Strong Foundation For Your Enterprise

Entrepreneurs are often depicted as mavericks who embark on their mission alone. However, seasoned entrepreneurs know that they can’t go it alone forever. Strategic partnerships can make all the difference in a business’s long-term success. This is especially true during business formation. Selecting the wrong entity or failing to file the appropriate documents with government agencies can have dire consequences.

Our attorneys at Kirkpatrick & Sabarsky LLP recognize the value of partnership because they are business owners too. Previous to founding our Encinitas firm, attorney Sabarsky served as CEO and CFO in a private company and represented a public company as in-house counsel. Attorney Kirkpatrick operated a solo practice, consulting with high-profile politicians and industry-leading companies.

Attorneys Sabarsky and Kirkpatrick are intimately aware of the challenges business owners face when forming and running their enterprise. They will use their experience to help you establish a sound foundation for your business, whether it is located in California or elsewhere in North America.

We Offer Comprehensive Business Organization Services

Our business organization services include advising clients on entity selection and formation, fundraising and developing governance policies.

When you retain us, we will help you choose the entity that best suits your circumstances and goals. Our lawyers have strong backgrounds in finance and compliance, which informs our counsel. After you share your business objectives with us, we will advise you on the challenges and benefits associated with each type.

We are well-versed in the tax and personal liabilities associated with LLCs, corporations, partnerships and other entities. After you select your entity, we can draft and file the required paperwork with the appropriate agencies.

In addition to these services, we also provide legal support to clients concerned with fundraising and investment-related agreements. Having worked for publicly traded and privately held companies, attorney Sabarsky has a deep understanding of the legal requirements that these companies must follow when securing capital and reporting earnings.

Developing Contracts That Advance Your Interests

Our attorneys have drafted and revised thousands of contracts, so they are able to customize agreements, policies and procedures that reflect our client’s concerns. We regularly help our clients set up corporate governance infrastructure. We design recurring agreements and contracts that establish the terms of our clients’ professional relationships with shareholders, employees, suppliers, contractors and other parties.

At our small firm, we strive to have a big impact on your business’s viability and success. Learn more about us and how we can serve you today.

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